Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Grant (OSHPTG)

What’s in this article?


What is this?

The Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Grant (OSHPTG) is for low or moderate income-earning seniors, to help offset the cost of property taxes. If you are applying for this grant, you must include your application for OSHPTG with your tax return.


Am I eligible?

You are eligible for the Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Grant if, as of December 31st, the following criteria applied to you:

  • You are at least 64 years of age
  • You are a resident of Ontario
  • You or your spouse/common-law partner owned and occupied your principal residence and paid Ontario property taxes the previous year
  • You met the low or moderate income-earning requirements
  • You file an income tax return every year
  • You were not confined to a prison or similar institution on December 31st and for the following 179 days


Where do I claim this?

Important: Before you begin, make sure you tell us that you lived in ONTARIO on December 31st of the 2015 tax year, in H&R Block’s tax software. To do this:

  1. Click the HOME tab.
  2. Click the ABOUT YOU icon, and click the Your residence link. You will find yourself here:

Once you have confirmed your residence location, claim your OTB and OSHPTG amounts by following these steps:

  1. Click the PREPARE tab.
  2. Click the OTHER icon. You will find yourself here:

  3. Under the OTHER DEDUCTIONS section, select the checkbox Ontario trillium benefit and Ontario senior homeowners' property tax grant (ON-BEN).
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

When you arrive at the page for the Ontario trillium benefit and Ontario senior homeowners’ property tax grant, enter your information into the tax software.


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