Your Year in Review: I had investments

Select this checkbox if, in the year, you have:

  • Investment income for which you received a T3, T5, T4PS, T5013, or RL-3, RL-15, RL-16 or RL-25 slip;
  • Investment, interest, or dividend income not reported on a slip;
  • Invested in a tax shelter for which you received a T5003 or RL-14 slip;
  • Foreign interest and dividend income;
  • Purchased shares or securities for which you received a T5006, T5008, T101, or RL-10, RL-11, RL-15, or RL-18 slip;
  • Capital gains not reported on a slip, net capital losses, or non-capital losses;
  • A capital gains deduction to make; or
  • An investment tax credit to claim.

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