I get errors on the Schedule 2 Amounts from {Spouse’s} 2015 return

If you have a spouse or a common-law partner and are not filing your income tax returns together, you must enter certain amounts from his or her return in order to complete your tax return for the year. These amounts include:

  • Net income
  • Universal child care benefit (UCCB)
  • Universal child care benefit repayment
  • Registered disability savings plan (RDSP) income
  • RDSP repayment

To enter these amounts in your tax return, click on the OTHER icon under the PREPARE tab. On the page Amounts from {Spouse’s} 2015 return, enter the required amounts.

Note: Leaving these fields blank will trigger an error. If your spouse or common-law partner did not have any of these income types or did not make these repayments during the year, enter 0.