Schedule I: Additional Contribution for Subsidized Educational Childcare

What’s in this article?


What is this?

Schedule I is used to calculate the additional amount of contribution you must pay for subsidized educational childcare in Québec. Effective April 22, 2015, the subsidized childcare fees includes a basic fee of $7.30 per day per child and an additional contribution based on your net family income. If you signed a subsidized childcare agreement in 2014 or 2015 for services received after April 21, 2015, you must complete Schedule I to calculate the additional contribution amount payable.

Revenu Québec says…

The amount of the additional contribution is based on the following:

The amount of your additional contribution for 2015 is based on your family income for 2014, that is, your net income for 2014 plus that of your spouse on December 31, 2015 (if applicable).


The additional contribution calculated on Schedule I must be paid to Revenu Québec when you file your income tax return for the year.


Am I eligible?

You must complete Schedule I to calculate your additional contribution amount for subsidized childcare if:

  • You are a resident of Québec on December 31;
  • You received an RL-30 slip from a childcare services provider; and
  • Your family income for 2014 or 2015 is $50,000 or more.

Note: You do not have to pay additional contribution if childcare services are provided at school by a school board or private educational institution, or as part of a day camp or vacation camp.


Where do I claim this?

Important: Before you begin, make sure you tell us you lived in QUÉBEC on December 31st of the 2015 tax year, in H&R Block’s tax software. To do this:

  1. Click the HOME tab.
  2. Click the ABOUT YOU icon, and click the Your residence link. You will find yourself here:

You must also make sure that you have told us about the dependants, for whom you received subsidized educational childcare (Relevé 30). To do this:

  1. Click the HOME tab.
  2. Click the ABOUT YOUR DEPENDANTS icon. Enter all the required information about your dependants.

Note: If you want to enter more than one dependant, click the +Add Another Dependant button on your screen.

Once you have noted your residency in Québec and told us about your dependants, follow these steps to enter your RL-30 slip:

  1. Click the name of your dependant on the left-hand navigation panel. You will find yourself here:
  1. Click the checkbox for RL-30 : Child care expenses, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.
  2. When you arrive at the page for the RL-30 slip, enter your information into the tax software.
  3. Under the WRAP-UP tab, click the Optimization You will find yourself here:
  4. Under the Dependant transfers section, provide additional information related to the RL-30 slip(s) you entered in the previous steps.

The software will automatically complete Schedule I based on the RL-30 slip(s) and related information you entered.


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