Error Message RQ152: SD_32A_REQUIRED

You will see the following error message on the Errors page in H&R Block’s 2015 tax software if you are a resident of Québec and are claiming the Solidarity tax credit but did not enter the dwelling number shown on your RL-31 slip into the tax software:

You need to enter the dwelling number shown in box A on the RL-31 slip received for the eligible leased dwelling. [error code: RQ152]

To correct the error, enter on the Solidarity tax credit (Schedule D & RL-31) page, the Dwelling number shown in box A of your RL-31 slip. In order to enter your RL-31 information into the tax software, you must have answered Yes to the question Did you receive an RL-31 slip for the eligible leased dwelling you lived in on December 31, 2015? under the Tenants and subtenants section.

Note: The Solidarity tax credit (Schedule D & RL-31) page can be found under the OTHER icon of the PREPARE tab.