Notice of assessment mandatory box in the NETFILE – Revenu Québec

If you are a Québec resident and indicated changes to any of the following on your tax return, you must enter the Notice number from your Notice of Assessment in H&R Block’s tax software to NETFILE your return to Revenu Québec:

  • Your mailing address on the Your mailing address page under the HOME tab
  • Your direct deposit information on the Payments page under the OTHER tab

Note: You can find your 11-character notice number on your 2013 or 2014 Notice of Assessment from Revenu Québec.

The tax software will prompt you to enter your Notice number when you click on the NETFILE Now button for your Revenu Québec return on the FILE tab.

Enter your notice number in the field labelled Notice number.  

Once you have entered your notice number, click the I Agree with the Terms and Conditions button to submit your return to Revenu Québec.

Note: The notice number is required for added security of your information and to NETFILE your return. You will not be able to NETFILE your Québec tax return without your notice number.