Error Message 255: RC383_5883_5897_MUST_BE_LESS_THAN_PRPP_CONTRIBUTIONS

You will see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2015 tax software if, on form RC383: Tax-exempt earned income for a pooled registered pension plan you designated an HBP and/or LLP repayment amount that exceeds the amount of eligible PRPP contributions you are reporting:

The contributions designated as repayments under the HBP and/or LLP can’t be more than the total eligible PRPP contributions. Please correct the amount(s) you entered. [error code: 255]

To correct the error, ensure that you entered the correct amounts on form RC383. The amount you designate as repayment under the HBP and/or LLP cannot be more than the amount of PRPP contributions you are reporting on form RC383.

Note: Form RC383 can be found under the RRSPS AND INVESTMENTS icon of the PREPARE tab.