How do I know the status of my return?

You can check the status of your return on the sidebar of your screen in the Virtual Tax Service, under the heading "Your return's status". Your status will change as you move through the process.

List of the statuses and what they mean:

New Return: Processing what you’ve entered so far.

In Review: Reviewing your interview and the documents you’ve uploaded so far to ensure we have everything we need to accurately determine what type of return you need. The type of return is based on how complex or simple the return will be.

Payment Due: Now that we've determined the type of return you have, you’ll need to pay the fee associated with service.

In Progress: A dedicated Tax Expert has been assigned to your return, and has started to prepare your documents.

Review and Approve: We've finished our part. Now it's time for you to review your return to make sure everything is right, and then authorize us to file.

Filing: Your Tax Expert is filing your return.

Complete: Your taxes have been filed, and you're done. You should have received a confirmation number. If you did not receive one, please contact us through the Message Centre.