Did your marital status change in 2017?

There are two benefits to keeping your marital status up to date with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Québec:

  • It allows our Tax Experts to maximize any claims you’re entitled to receive
  • It helps to prevent any incorrect claims from being made that might result in you having to pay money back to the government.  

Why does my marital status matter?
Your marital status determines some of the types of credits you’re eligible for. If your marital status changes, the CRA will recalculate your benefits based on, among other things, your revised net family income. If you typically receive these benefits from the government by direct deposit, it might also be a good idea to review the banking information the CRA has on file to avoid payments going into the wrong bank account.

 When do I have to report a change in my marital status?
Both the CRA and Revenu Québec require that you inform them of a change in your marital status by the end of the month following the month it changes, except in the case of a separation. For example, if your marital status changes in August 2017, you’ll have to let the CRA/Revenu Québec know no later than September 30, 2017. If you’re separated, you have to wait until the separation lasts for at least 90 days before letting the CRA/Revenu Québec know.

 How do I let the CRA know my marital status has changed?
You can tell the CRA by:

  • Logging into the CRA’s My Account service and clicking the Change my marital status link under the Personal information tab.
  • Calling 1-800-387-1193 to speak to a CRA representative or
  • Completing and mailing-in form RC65: Marital Status Change to the tax centre that assesses your return  

How do I let Revenu Québec know my marital status has changed?
Depending on the benefits you receive, there are different ways to contact Revenu Québec. For example, if you receive child assistance payments, you’ll need to contact Retraite Québec by calling 1-800-667-9625. You can also use their Change in Conjugal Status form online.