Why do I need to authorize H&R Block?

Before we can prepare and submit your return, you’ll need to authorize H&R Block as your representative for income tax matters with Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec (if applicable). Authorization grants your H&R Block tax expert access to the information and services they need to easily manage your account.

How do I authorize H&R Block?

Your Online Tax Expert account makes authorization easy. After signing in to your account:

  1. Click Authorize H&R BlockVa_V1_Dashbrd_Authorize_EN.jpg

There are two ways to authorize us: through your CRA My Account or by adding an electronic signature to a prefilled T1013 form (and MR-69 form for residents living in Québec).  

To authorize us using your CRA My Account

To electronically sign the T1013 and MR-69 forms

2. Select CRA My Account and click Continue.VA_V1_AuthorizeMyAccnt_EN.jpg

3. Use the link on the following page to navigate to your CRA My Account. Follow the instructions and use the information provided to add H&R Block as your representative. Once you’ve finished, return to your account and click Continue.


4. For residents living in Québec, the software will automatically generate a MR-69 form to authorize us as your representative with Revenu Québec. You can follow the steps in the adjacent column to add your electronic signature.


5. From your dashboard, select Yes to the question Have you completed this step to confirm you’ve completed the authorization in your My CRA account and signed the MR-69 form (if applicable).Va_V1_Authorize_Dashbrd_En.jpg

2. Select T1013 Form and click Continue.


3. A pre-filled T1013 form will open in Docusign (a 3rd party electronic signature platform). Click Continue at the top of the screen.



4.Click Sign to add your secure electronic signature.VA_V1_DocSign_T1013_2_EN.jpg

5. Click Finish.VA_V1_Docsign_T1013_4_EN.jpg

Residents living outside of Québec: DocuSign will automatically submit the form and bring you back to your Virtual Tax Assistant dashboard

Residents living in Québec: Docusign will automatically generate an MR-69 form to authorize us as your representative with Revenu Québec. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add your signature. Docusign will automatically submit the forms and bring you back to your Virtual Tax Assistant dashboard.



Need more help? You can message your Tax Expert at any time from the Messages section of your dashboard. VA_V1_Dashbrd_Messages_EN.jpg