Why couldn't my identity be verified?

Trulioo compares the information you entered into your tax profile to available information about you from credit, consumer, and government databases. If what you entered in your tax profile doesn’t match the information Trulioo finds, your identity won’t be verified.

Don’t worry.  Just because Trulioo couldn’t verify your identity doesn’t mean that your personal information is at risk.

There are three common reasons why your identify verification can fail:

Your address didn’t match across all sources of personal information.
If you’ve moved and haven’t updated your address, you may have different addresses associated with your name.

Your name didn’t match across all sources of personal information.
If you legally changed your name but haven’t updated all your IDs and accounts with your new name, Trulioo won’t be able to make a match. The same is true if your name is formatted differently on different IDs. For example, some of your IDs or banking products have your first and middle name listed together under “first name” while others have them separated.

There is a typo in your information
If you mistyped your name, address, or birthday Trulioo won’t be able to match it to your other sources of information. 

Can I have my taxes done by an Online Tax Expert? 

Unfortunately, if your identity was not verified we cannot prepare your taxes using this service. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can still get your taxes done using any of our other our other in-person or online services.

Have your taxes done at one of our retail offices.
Book an appointment, or simply drop off your tax documents using our Easy Drop-Off service.

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Do your taxes online with our do-it-yourself tax software
Prepare your return using our software’s step-by-step guidance.  If you need help, you can purchase a review with one of our Tax Experts.

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